Sketchup Visual Mastery course

Show your design in its best form - using Sketchup

The ultimate course for persuasive images in Sketchup:

From texturing mastery to the secrets of a captivating view


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This course is laser-focused on showcasing your design in its BEST form, with Sketchup. The course is designed to captivate the viewers of your projects AND to boost your creativity using Sketchup's full potential.

This  complete and comprehensive course goes beyond the technical capacity of this amazing software. In fact, as an architect-photographer, I share the essence of my photographic learning and combine it with a  10-year experience designing with Sketchup.

What you will be able to do after taking this course:

  • Showing your design professionally, proudly and persuasively using Sketchup's full potential

  • Captivating your clients/viewers much more efficiently

  • Translating your ideas into your model more precisely and more creatively

  • Mastering texturing and getting creative in the process

  • Choosing the best angle of view according to photographic notions

  • Knowing which is the optimum lighting for specific scenes

  • Creating believable models by using components in very specific ways

  • Creating a personalized visual style to match your character or intentions

  • And much more

It’s all divided under 3 chapters:

  1. Texturing & Playing Around With Materials

  2. Adding Life to Your Model

  3. Achieving a Captivating Perspective View

The third chapter is the most exciting to me, but it’s really better to have a grasp on the first 2 so that you’re sure to completely benefit from it. So make sure to follow along throughout the different chapters ;)

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  1. Texture Resources

  2. Choosing and importing textures

  3. Editing textures

  4. Scaling textures

  5. Tiling layouts and alignments

  6. Customized aspect ratio

  7. Advanced texturing technique

  8. Creative mapping - part 1

  9. Creative mapping - part 2


  1. 2D People components overview

  2. Realistic 2D people problems

  3. Face me components

  4. 3D People components overview

  5. Populating a scene - part 1

  6. Populating a scene - part 2

  7. Populating a scene - part 3

  8. Populating a scene - part 4

  9. Populating a scene - Summary

  10. Adding 2D vegetation

  11. Adding 3D vegetation


  1. Visual styles editing

  2. Visual styles inspiration

  3. Adding a sky

  4. Adding a background

  5. Importance of field of view

  6. Choosing the best lighting

  7. Geo-location & solar north

  8. Choosing the best lighting examples

  9. Photographic notions

  10. Choosing the best angle (exterior) - 1

  11. Choosing the best angle (exterior) - 2

  12. Choosing the best angle (exterior) - 3

  13. Choosing the best angle (interior) - 1

  14. Choosing the best angle (interior) - 2

  15. Choosing the best angle (interior) - 3