Sketchup Visual Mastery Course

The ultimate course for achieving captivating images with Sketchup



The ultimate course for achieving captivating images with Sketchup

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Hi, I’m Nizar.

I know how it feels to have an amazing vision for a particular project, but when it comes to presenting it in a 3D model, for some reason it doesn’t look as convincing as it is in our mind. It’s frustrating. I’ve been there.

And it’s even more problematic when you need to captivate and to convince a client to work with you.

I was obsessed with this issue since my studies in architecture, and I even developed a true passion for architectural photography that definitely helped me understand how to capture the qualities and essence of a project.

After all these years of practice and fine-tuning my process with Sketchup, I decided to create this course for people like me who want to push the visual aspect of their models to an other level, so that the design they are showing is aligned with their vision.

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is a complete and comprehensive course laser-focused on showcasing your design in its BEST form, with Sketchup. What makes this course unique is that it goes beyond the technical capacity of Sketchup. In fact, as an architect-photographer, I share secrets of architectural photography and combine it with a  10-year experience designing with Sketchup.

There are 3+ hours of HD videos for you to follow at your own pace.

So this course is not some kind of manual that teaches the basics of using Sketchup. There is an enormous amount of resources online for that. Rather, the course is designed to captivate the viewers’ attention AND to boost your creativity using Sketchup's full potential. And even beginners can follow along and benefit from the teachings I’m sharing.

What you will be able to do after taking this course:

► Show your design professionally, proudly and persuasively

► Captivate your clients/viewers much more effectively

► Translate your ideas into your model more precisely and more creatively

► Master texturing and getting creative in the process

► Choose the best angle of view according to photographic notions

► Know which is the optimal lighting for specific scenes

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► Create believable models by using components in very specific ways

► Create a personalized visual style to match your character or intentions

And much more

The course is divided into 3 chapters:

  1. Texturing & Playing Around with Materials (value 30 €)

  2. Adding Life to Your Model (value 30 €)

  3. Achieving a Captivating Perspective View (value 35 €)

    Total value = 95 € … But there’s a catch, keep reading ;)

The third chapter is the most exciting to me, but it’s really better to have a grasp of the first two so that you’re sure to completely benefit from it. So make sure to follow along throughout all the chapters ;)

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If for any reason you’re not happy with the course, just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will completely refund you, no questions asked.

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See you inside the course!



“So far I have learned a few tricks I did not know and I just started this class!!! And I have been using Sketchup forever! :) YAY!”

Sara F.

“Very worth while.”

Tom J.

“It was very good and I learned a lot! Thank you”

Roger L.